About us

HEA Appraisal is a national company founded by Steve Schoeneck. Steve spent over a decade working for Insurance Carriers on the Material Damage side of the claims department. He has worked on the Independent Appraisal side since 2007. Over two decades of combined experience with Carriers and IA's has helped to develop a unique understanding of what each side needs and how to best achieve these needs.

HEA Appraisal is a team of people built to complement one another. Each employee brings extensive knowledge to their specific work area. Each employee continues to develop their particular set of skills so that it allows HEA to function at a collectively higher level. HEA staff are focused on being a team and delivering our clients a final product that we ourselves would expect to receive.

HEA focuses on having the right appraiser performing the inspection, while actively communicating throughout the process with the client, vehicle owner or shop. Every day we work to keep the process moving forward.

Our goals are very simple, produce a timely and accurate product for our Client.